Dale R. Wrigley, Chief Executive Officer of NOVUS Health, and Marcus Howard, PhD., Founder of GreaterHealth Pharmacy & Wellness. Photo credit: Vanstar Construction

St. Louis based NOVUS Health signed an agreement with GreaterHealth Pharmacy & Wellness to provide pharmaceutical services at NOVUS’ new location at 6155 South Grand in 2024. GreaterHealth Pharmacy & Wellness is the first radically inclusive, culturally responsive pharmacy in the U.S. and the only Black-owned pharmacy to franchise its model in U.S. history.

GreaterHealth Pharmacy & Wellness Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Marcus Howard, Ph.D. believes “All people, regardless of the difference, should have access to a quality healthcare experience”. His pharmacy startup is currently reimagining the role of pharmacy in local and diverse communities and its flagship store is located inside the new Delmar DivINe, a social innovation hub and brainchild of Build-a-Bear founder Maxine Clark.

This new partnership will ensure that those they both serve from the BIPOC and the LGBTQIA+ population, and those with chronic conditions such as HIV, Hypertension, Diabetes, and other chronic conditions; will have access to inclusive primary care, behavioral health, and pharmacy services year-round. Both organizations believe that regardless of difference, all people should experience greater health and a greater quality of life.

Dale Wrigley, Chief Executive Officer for NOVUS Health, had this to say about the partnership, “NOVUS Health is excited to work with GreaterHealth Pharmacy & Wellness to change the trajectory of healthcare as we know it. Making healthcare accessible to all!”

“This is the latest step healthcare agencies have taken to bring equitable access to all St. Louis residents,” says Dr. Mati Hlashwayo Davis, Director of Health for the City of St. Louis, “It’s wonderful to see partners working together to support our community, and I applaud Mr. Wrigley and especially Dr. Howard for this visionary leadership,” says Dr. Hlastwayo Davis.

Contact Dale R. Wrigley, Chief Executive Officer, at 314.652.0100 or at [email protected] for more information about our services.


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About NOVUS Health:

Our mission at NOVUS Health is to improve the quality of life and advocate for the health and wellbeing of all individuals in our community through the delivery of primary, holistic, and preventative care coupled with supportive services.

The vision of NOVUS Health is to become a trusted patient-centered medical home model, providing equitable access to primary care and linking individuals to the specialty care and preventative services that are customized to their needs. The NOVUS team engages and collaborates with individuals to meet their overall health goals while working to provide tools and resources that ensure ongoing retention in and adherence to all points of care, prevention, and treatment.

NOVUS Health staff has a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion. With a focus on providing trauma informed, holistic health we expect all staff to meet patients, community partners, and co-workers with respect and dignity. We challenge each other to acknowledge biases that exist in healthcare including race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and/or personal beliefs. We look for ways to eliminate these biases at all points of services and care. As a team, NOVUS is working to break down barriers, build access, and create healthier communities.

Healthier living starts with US!

About GreaterHealth Pharmacy & Wellness:

GreaterHealth Pharmacy & Wellness is a radically inclusive, culturally responsive pharmacy™ focused on providing quality patient-centered care to St. Louis residents. Our mission is to revolutionize the way we approach, talk about, and treat healthcare in St. Louis. GreaterHealth will achieve its mission by leveraging a community’s demographic variables, psychological characteristics, health motivations, and cultural behavior to provide pharmacy care like never before. GreaterHealth will also focus on collaborating with local healthcare providers, coordinating services across sectors, sharing data, and providing affordable options to our target demographic. Our north star is for all residents, specifically those from historically marginalized backgrounds, to achieve greater health and a greater quality of life.

Contact Marcus Howard, Ph.D. Chief Executive Officer, at 314.497.8553 or at [email protected] for more information about GreaterHealth Pharmacy & Wellness services.

For more information about NOVUS Health, contact Dale Wrigley, Chief Executive Officer, at [email protected], visit https://novushealthstl.org, or follow and like us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn: @novushealthstl.

Brittany Campbell
Brittany Campbell