Food Pantry

Learn more about the NOVUS Health food pantry and how we plan to support our patients with nutritional wellness.

We have a food pantry for our patients. It will be growing as we grow and as the community needs us to grow.

In 2024 we released a patient survey and the responses told us that we do have patients who need food help; many patients who need food help also need information about food drives, food programs, and food pantries; and that some patients do not need help getting food, but need help getting or being motivated to cook healthy foods.

We are starting our pantry by providing emergency food bags to clients who state they need them and giving food resources in their area. Our Community Health Workers are also helping patients enroll in SNAP.

Currently we have shelf-stable foods, and we will be adding produce and meat as we go. We are planning to let patients walk through the pantry and choose foods by August 2024.

We are also working with other agencies to provide “lunch and learn” opportunities to learn yummy recipes and leave with the food/utensils to make the meal!

Our path will rely on requests we get from our patients and our community.

Trauma and adversity can shape food behaviors, chronic disease and health. We are taking a trauma-informed nutrition approach to serving our patients. We want to shift the focus from calorie intake to help you look at your relationship with food, and food’s relationship to your health. There is no wrong, only growth.

And we are loving all the help we are getting from you! Here are some ways to help us on our Patient Food Program mission:

  • Donate Food to the Pantry! We accept cash, food, or visit our Walmart and Amazon wish lists!
  • Having a party or gathering? Turn it into a food drive! Ask for donations. You might be surprised at the response!
  • Volunteer! We will be starting patient walk-through hours in August – Do you have a few hours to donate to help folks pick out their groceries?

For more information, email [email protected] or call 314-652-0100 ext. 131.

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle while funding our Food Pantry with the NOVUS eBay Store!

As a fun way to encourage kindness and generosity, NOVUS Health is accepting donated goods and selling them on eBay and Facebook with all proceeds going to our Food Pantry and for patient necessities drives.

How can you get involved?

  • Check out and promote our Ebay store!
  • Donate gently used items to the store! ([email protected])
  • Volunteer to help sort, group, price items!