Hi Friends!  NOVUS Health is making a Volunteer Bank!   

We are seeking interested staff, patients, friends, partners, neighbors to create a Volunteer Bank to do fun things, help friends and neighbors, and help grow our volunteer and programming efforts.

Healthier living starts with us!

We want to start a list of people who might want to volunteer for different activities: 

  • Help with Inside and Outside Festival and Outreach Events   
  • Set up and take down of tent/materials 
  • Take a shift to help in the booth 
  • Help with patient assistance drives 
  • Creation of new Food Pantry and patient assistance programs 
  • Assemble treat bags for events 
  • Mentorship opportunities 
  • Clerical/patient greeting 
  • Respond to needs as they come 
  • OTHER! What do you want to do?  
  • Be the enthusiastic superstar that you are!  

Fill out our volunteer application.

Feel free to email or call Katie Wolf at [email protected] (314) 652-0100 x131.  Leave your name and contact info and she will get back to you asap!